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America Developing Smiles is committed to offering women a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and families in needy communities in Latin America and the USA.

America Developing Smiles organizes fundraising activities and community outreach projects in order to touch the lives of many needy children. It also sponsors workshops and seminars to develop the leadership potential of our volunteers.




America Developing Smiles organizes several annual fundraising events, including “Seeds of Hope” in Miami, “Smiles of Hope” in Weston, “Wings of Hope” in Boca Raton and “Semillas de Esperanza” in Puerto Rico. Combined annual attendance is more than 1500 people and annual contributions amounts to almost $400,000 per year. Local and international organizations have joined the list of sponsors for our annual corporate fundraising drive. We encourage individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations to consider the many sponsorship opportunities that exist with America Developing Smiles.  Several sponsorship opportunities are available depending on the target audience of our reach.Other fundraising initiatives include the joint promotion of golf and  domino tournaments with organizations such as the Venezuelan Business Club and the Venezuelan American Golf Organization.

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“Seeds Of Hope” Bazaar

Since 2002, this one-day marketplace, named “Seeds of Hope,” has offered upscale merchandise from South Florida and international retailers. This event is already becoming a favorite among “Seeds of Hope Extravaganza” invitees and shoppers from the Greater Miami area.
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“A $1 For A Smile” Program

The generous local merchants and organizations that participate in “$1 for a Smile” donate a portion of their sales to support AMERICA DEVELOPING SMILES. The program was introduced by Barbara Palacios Jewelry, which donated $1 for every purchase made during 2002. To join the “A $1 for a Smile” program, please fill in the online form, or contact us at info@americadevelopingsmiles.org

“Sponsor A Smile” Program

The “Sponsor a Smile” program provides educational scholarships to over 400 children in ADS managed or sponsored schools in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico. Yearly contributions provide the basics that every child deserves for a better future:  education, daily meals and medical care. We plan to extend this program to the other educational centers.To join the “Sponsor a Smile” program, please fill in the online form or for more information see program's details.

Your generous contributions have developed smiles and brought hope
to the children of our ADS centers

Your continued support will improve the lives of thousands!


Since 2003, America Developing Smiles has extended its mission to help needy local communities throughout South Florida. Volunteers have devoted their time to support community outreach programs such as:


“Smiles-on-Board” Program

This program supports the All-Aboard program of the Institute for the Child and Family Health of the State of Florida (previously, the Miami Psychiatric Children’s Center) www.icfhinc.org. The ICFHINC IS a private non-profit agency of South Florida that provides early intervention educational programs to academically at-risk kindergarten and first-grade students in Miami-Dade community. ADS volunteers participate in weekly one-to-one support and tutoring of kindergarten and first grade students in two Miami-Dade public schools. During the program’s first year, America Developing Smiles volunteers comprised about 30% of the All-Aboard volunteer team.

For more information, contact us at:  info@americadevelopingsmiles.org

“Angels of Hope” Program

Volunteers from the AMERICA DEVELOPING SMILES-Palm Beach chapter founded the “Angels of Hope” program to support the Caridad Health Clinic, which offers free health care and dental services to over 10,000 needy farm workers and their children. The Caridad Health Clinic supports The Migrant Association of South Florida (MASF), a non-profit organization that is dedicated to serving the needs of migrant farm-worker children and their families in the Rangeline area of Palm Beach and surrounding counties.

For more information, contact us at: adspalmbeach@americadevelopingsmiles.org

Our "Pulgueros" and Flea markets

Since 2006, Broward volunteers started collecting clothes, toys, books and small household items, which are sold twice a year (fall and spring) in the Don Bosco Church in Little Havana. In these flea markets/family events, low-income parishioners can purchase affordable items that they need while generating funds for their church and its religious education programs.
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America Developing Smiles provides volunteers with the opportunity to learn about the spiritual-and-love-giving-nature of the organization through educational workshops that promote self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Since 2006, an on-line communication newsletter provides our member database with weekly readings and reflections for spiritual growth. It has become a favorite communication tool amongst America Developing Smiles followers. To join write renegron@bellsouth.net


Seminars and formal training sessions are also promoted to enhance the volunteers’ knowledge and capabilities in areas such as fundraising, leadership, and strategic planning. For information contact: info@americadevelopingsmiles.org




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