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“Sponsor A Smile” Program

A program that lets you bring hope and a healthy future to a Latin American child.

Won't you please open your heart and join us in this wonderful cause?

We will send you a photo and information about your child and his or her family. Depending the country where your child is, the cost  to you varies from $12.5 to $17 per month.  That's only from $0.41 to $0.55 per day!  If the child is in Venezuela for instance, you can decide to take a full-year sponsorship, or allow four sponsors to sponsor one child.  If your child in Nicaragua, we offer only one scholarship option. You can help to provide food, health care and educational opportunities for one child, so your participation is invaluable. Of course, you may wish to donate more each month. Or, discontinue participation at any time.

Now you can make a difference in one child's life.


Just fill out the online form or contact us.


Sponsor a Child... Sponsor a Smile... Sponsor a Future...

The program

We know you care about the underprivileged children of Latin America -- those without proper food, health care or education. And we know you give generously, whenever possible, to those in need.
But haven't you always wanted to be able to connect with just one child who desperately needs your help? One child with whom you can communicate, share letters, and feel joy as you watch them grow and prosper?
Now that's possible, with a new child sponsorship program from America Developing Smiles, called Sponsor a Smile.

From $ 0.41 to $0.70 a day, is all it takes.

It takes so very little to make a positive change in the life of an impoverished child in Latin America. Your  donation will provide him or her with life-changing opportunities based on encouragement, love, spiritual guidance and education. And of course, welcome necessities like food and health care. This program is designed so you can sponsor a child’s education with either ¼-year scholarship, ½-year scholarship or a full scholarship. And, so far, we have set-up relationships with ADS educational centers in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico.

When you join Sponsor a Smile, you become a special friend to a specific child. You'll be personally linked to this child who will write you, and treasure the thought that you love and care for him or her.

America Developing Smiles is committed to ensuring that your tax-deductible donation has the greatest positive impact on the child's life. And 100% of your contribution goes directly into this program.

Volunteers that Love and Care.

In 2001, a group from Weston, Florida, joined the efforts of America Developing Smiles and embarked on the Sponsor a Smile project. These generous-spirited volunteers now manage the Sponsor a Smile program, making it possible for many children to have a brighter, healthier future.

How does Sponsor a Smile work?

Your sponsored child will receive:

  • Daily meals
  • The opportunity to attend school
  • A loving caregiver
  • Basic health and dental care

Your sponsored child's family will receive at the ADS centers:

  • Health and dental care (when available).
  • The opportunity to participate in technical training programs

You will receive:

  • Your sponsored child's photo, name, address, and a detailed report
    about his or her family (if available)
  • A school report on your child's educational progress
  • Regular letters and/or greeting cards from your child
  • The opportunity to visit and correspond with your child at
    any time

This is not a nameless, faceless experience. Sponsor a Smile is your chance to become a loving caregiver for a real child with a face you will learn to love. And even if you never see the child's smile with your own eyes, you will feel it in your heart.

Just fill out the online form or contact us.




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