Pulgueros And Flea Market

You can change a life!

Every year, we organize a flea market at the Don Bosco Church in Miami, Florida. The families who attend this parish have low income levels. Our volunteers collect clothing, home goods and housewares to sell for a couple of dollars. The funds raised are donated to the parish, and the parish families buy new and gently used items for a tiny fraction of their value. In addition, we are helping create a culture of use, reuse, and recycle in Miami!

We have donated $38,744 to the Don Bosco Parish through this event, funding education programs and community outreach deeply needed by the community members.
Some other activities as Thanksgiving Baskets and Christmas toy drives, help making a fulfilling holiday possible for families with stressed budgets and financial challenges.

We do this, and we have a lot of fun joining forces to help our neighbors.